Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What happened in Pompeii?

The year is 79 CE. Pompeiins (Pompeople? Pompopoli?) are blithely strolling the broad avenues of the city, dodging the carts and gutters on their way to one of the twenty-six bakeries for their morning bread.

The  grist mills turned slowly and muscled men and women kneaded dough in quantities not be seen anywhere else.  Not far above the city, Vesuvius sent up plumes of smoke, emulating the chimneys of the homes and bakeries.  It was morning in the Roman metropolis.

"Stolti! Copirire quei pani." the capo uomo shouted at his assistants.  Fine dust sifted down on the rising loaves and his 'Fools' hadn't covered them.  It would not be long before the number of fools in Pompeii would skyrocket, including the richest families and the poor.  They would die before they could escape.

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