Wednesday, March 23, 2016

136K Brick Oven Visits

doug's dome
doug's dome via phone and email
This blog gets about 2000 visits a month.  Most of those are to posts dealing with construction of true brick ovens.  I've provided information on every detail of the process so that owner-builders who want to tackle the job can do so with accurate guidance.

David S.'s oven with TBO help
136,000 blog visits does not make me an internet star.  It doesn't even register on the meter.  Yet, for a  niche market such as brick ovens, it adequately acknowledges the 300 plus posts to date.

I've gotten hundreds of emails requesting advice, concerns, and once in a while regrets on ovens built without the technical knowledge to make them work properly.  I respond either by email or phone.

complete oven with woodbox
I also understand that in the SPAMified world we live in, people who might leave comments or send me the results of their application of information found on these posts, shy away from making their addresses visible.

I don't like getting emails that I haven't asked for and I don't broadcast offers, solicitations, or birthday greetings to blog visitors I don't know.  If you comment on a post or if you pass on thoughts (as happens in forums), I'll thank you once and be silent.  That's the promise.

Comment examples:

Built by a bloke in Western Australia
after we talked on the phone
I wanted to go to a village and see the beauty that a stone roof can give to all the houses there. I love the fact that it’s more durable and that it adds to the curb appeal of the house. Your photos are getting me excited about the roof installation that will start next week in my new house. I wish I had a stone roof. Haha! 

“If your oven is stoked properly, you will use very little wood but get a very fast temperature rise.” – This is one of the things that you must consider in making your own brick oven. Proper stoking of the oven will make it more efficient and allow you to maximize your wood.

Such a nice information about authentic brick ovens. I also got some information about high temperature insulation. Which is very helpful for my upcoming project.

 I hope this helps up the comment column count from about 30 to who knows.  You can even comment on this post, like, 'Stop whining Neufeld and write more posts!"

David Neufeld
Spring 2016

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