Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bakery Brick Oven- Part Four

The oven face is one of the places where custom attention to detail makes a difference.  The brick work of the oven itself forms the lower substrate for the granite and brick arch.
Just before the face is applied

Brick face elements dry-fitted with form prior to mortaring

Steel damper mounted above the flue

 Because the owner and I had chosen a special brick shape for the arch, granite wedge-shaped spacers were cut (from the same material as the hearth) to allow the curve.  Every oven has this possibility; to add a detail that makes it both unique and beautiful.

The oven prior to lining the wood box with red brick, tiling the floor, and getting ready for the first firing.  Other special shapes were used to support the heath shelf and at the top of the wall.

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