Monday, September 5, 2016

Bakery Brick Oven- Part One

View of bakery room from outside.  Oven floor slab
to be poured on top.
It is a pleasure to plan the construction of a brick oven that will primarily be used to bake bread.  Brick ovens have a long history of bread.  Pizza, although famous in Napoli in the old days, and now ubiquitous worldwide, is a comparative newcomer.

I began planning this oven with the owner, a German man, U. S. citizen, and a bread baker of loaves akin to those from his home country.  Even before the brick oven began, his house and bakery wing exuded the aromas of yeasted bread, rising and baking. But in a conventional oven.

Wood box arch form in place
red brick that will for wood box ceiling

oven floor slab being poured with section for ash dump

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