Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bakery Oven- Part Five: curing

the baker's daughter lights the first fire
The penultimate step in building a brick oven is the curing of the oven.  A slow firing allows the water contained in the masonry to escape before it reaches explosive steam.

This is also when the draft is tested.  A cold chimney needs warming before it will draw well.  Dry wood and patience at the start of a cold start-up firing pay off with a clean burn.  Once the oven temp and the fire are established, draft will improve.
Using the door as a baffle also assists this step.  Make-up air channels on either side of indoor installations insures that air for combustion comes from outside and not from within the room.

Note: air channels on either side of mouth.

The door controls the amount of air coming into the oven

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