Friday, March 4, 2011

On the Cover of the...

I was recently in line at the supermarket and noticed that 'Kitchens and Baths', one of those magazines that entices you to remodel every 14 months had a photo of the latest, great kitchen.
One thing for sure, kitchens have become a far more important part of home life than in the past seventy years. We can now look at our kitchens again as the heart of our home, the place where we even entertain. So as such, they've become larger and more elaborate.
Cooking shows have helped boost that interest and perhaps there is some part of each of us that wants a white (or maybe an unbleached raw linen) chef smock to wear as we experiment with a new and colorful recipe.
Right on the cover, slightly off center, but at the most important focal point in the photo, was a brick oven. All the rest of the a modern kitchen was in the periphery.
Brick ovens can be the heart of the kitchen. They play every part that we would want from a major appliance, but they do it with heart.

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