Monday, March 5, 2012

Brick Oven Catering

On my last day and last evening in Seattle, Washington, I happened upon a small company catering an event with a simple but well-appointed portable wood-fired oven.
These terracotta ovens, built by Veraci Pizza's Marshall Jett are simple barrel domes with firebrick floors.  The fire gets the masonry hot, the live fire (addition of small amount of wood) keeps the interior blazing (My infrared pyrometer read 681F on the floor and 758F on the dome).  The oven is uninsulated so it cools down quickly (relative to the 30 hour cool-down of my insulated ovens) but it's compact and easy to build.

Olson Kundig Architects' "Mushroom Farm"
 near Seattle's Pioneer Square hosted a pizza event on Saturday evening, March 3.
At 5pm, Veraci Pizza, which operates a half dozen portable ovens for such lively events was parked by the curb stoking the oven in preparation for the mushroom sampling.
Incidentally,  I have found that wherever I travel, being a builder and baker of wood-fired ovens creates a willing bond with fellow artisans. Marshall invited me to stay around for a slice of pizza.

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