Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Stage Pizza Dough Rollers

Generally, on principle, as a actually... Okay, if you're making many many pizzas or flatbreads, a two-stage dough roller is magic.

I first watched this being used in La Taverna Etrusca in Orvieto, Italy.  The proprietor took me out back when I showed him my biz card with the brick oven photo on it.  We also ate at his place twice because the pizza he made was not just thin; it was 'carta musica' or 'page of music' (that thin).
I showed this to a couple of caterers I've built ovens for and they had to have one.
Using part or all high-gluten flour, sold as Caputo now available from King Arthur as 'Bread Flour' allows the dough to stretch to near transparent thinness.

Of course, the alternative is rolling the dough super-thin by hand, which for home consumption is what I do on principle...generally.

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