Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brick Ovens without Boundaries #5

I began life as an artist, then a gardener, then landscape designer and stone worker, now (without subtracting any of the aforementioned), a builder of brick ovens.

One boundary that I consider when planning a new brick oven is the larger context: How will it be used? To entertain? To produce pizza or bread? To be an integral part of everyday life?
The answers help determine the oven's size, placement, and even the cost.

Outdoor Entertainment Oven
3 Season Room Family Size

For example: An oven that will be used for large entertainment events, such as festivals, community gatherings, or backyard galas needs to be large, adjacent to the entertaining space, and often an adornment.  It may or may not be fired up frequently.

An oven for a family to be used often should be efficient, indicating a size in proportion to the number of people, well insulated so that it can retain heat for a long time giving the family many cooking options, and it should be conveniently placed for maximum use over the four seasons.

Caterer's Portable
And an oven for a caterer needs wheels. Beauty need not be sacrificed since part of the ambiance that a caterer brings to the event is set by the look of the oven.

In all these cases the oven is not tucked away in the 'back kitchen', which by-the-way, is a leftover from the days when servants cooked for the lords and ladies.
I've built all the above ovens.

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