Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ventura Brick Oven

Some good sunny days have let this outdoor brick oven project progress well. 

A load of almond wood has been delivered, unique to California and seeming exotic to this New Englander.

For aesthetic reasons, the herringbone floor pattern centered the small triangle of brick in the center of the mouth.  All bricks were set from there out.  The outside diameter of the oven was scribed on the floor and the perimeter bricks cut on a saw. 

 Floor bricks on 'foamglas' and woodbox below
From the initial slab and base, layout of the floor bricks, construction of the dome (flashback to that in the next post) to the steel reenforced exterior walls (to be faced with stone) encompassed 10 days.

This project is planned to have a stone roof. 

But before that, the oven will be 'cured' and then pre-heated to drive the water of construction from the masonry.

A little rest now for the holidays.

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