Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brick Oven Exteriors

Enclosing a brick oven core involves two things:
1. creating a space for insulation.
2. Giving the oven the character you desire.

Number one has been addressed in previous posts on insulation.

Number two is where the world of design opens up.
The current project I am building at Pietree Orchards ( in Sweden, Maine is designed to have a split granite and fieldstone exterior that is much larger than the oven core.
The space beneath the oven will store firewood and have two tool racks.  The space on either side of the face will have proofing cabinets located where a small amount of heat from the chimney masonry will warm the stone cabinets so that bread loaves rise in an even environment.  This is elaborate masonry but well-suited to the purpose.

Other projects stick to the simple goal of practical beauty.

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