Sunday, April 14, 2013

True Brick Ovens

2006 Bridgton Academy design and build
Change is inevitable.  True Brick Ovens began as an outgrowth of my work as a landscape designer and stone mason.

 I've found that the demand for high quality brick oven builders exceeds the number of masons who do this.  This has meant finding ways of traveling far for projects.

Mason Tim assisting in St. Charles
I'm fortunate to have found sources of materials and locally skilled general masons to assist me when I've gone beyond my 300 mile radius from home.  It has also been a pleasure working with masons in the south and the west.
Gorgonio is a block expert
It's not that what I do is impossible.  I encourage even amateur masons to try their hand at brick oven building.  I converse on the phone to Australia (not goin' there for a build!) and via email to all parts of the USA.
CA wine cave with my Latino mason friends
It's just that a brick dome is a spatial calculus that I've gotten to love. 

Each time I fit the keystone into a dome (and crawl inside for a clean-up and inspection), I get a thrill (not cheap).  I've always seen the arch as an elegant expression of strength.  A bit of lyricism from a mason...but it keeps me going.

I also hope to adapt to the changing and various needs of my readers and customers.  I hope this is inevitable.

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