Friday, April 26, 2013

New England Vernacular

Brick oven exteriors in different environments beg for different treatments.  The current project at Pietree Orchards in Maine has a stone exterior that will enclose both the oven dome, wood box, tool cabinets, and warming ovens.

The exterior is built with split stone and fieldstone from the orchard itself, giving the final building an historic and real connection to the land it rests on.

The stone work is intended to contain the insulating materials: ceramic fiber blanket and vermiculite.
It is also intended to look like the walls common to the region.  Stone was selected that had lichen and aged surfaces or was originally split from local bedrock.

Shutters, a system of two-by stock that shifts upwards as the work progresses allow the stone face to be backed with concrete, forming a solid wall on the interior.

A steel roof will cap the oven enclosure but be invisible from the below.

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