Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brick Oven Portability

My portable at the Kneading Conference
Wood-fired brick ovens have become popular with caterers because the brick oven both cooks for the event and, if necessary, IS the event.

Veraci Pizza on the street in Seattle, WA
Having an active, entertaining food-making going on right in front of  guests makes weddings, festivals, street fairs, and family reunions into memorable times.

Pizza Pie On The Fly Co. Portland, ME
This cannot be said of any other catering device.  People don't stand around the oil tank-converted smoker, the cut-in-half oil drum chicken and steak grill (or the sweating attendants), or the van that has the ovens and microwaves consuming bazillion BTUs of propane and kilowatts.

Therefore... portable brick ovens need to be tough, efficient, and REALLY cool looking.  The assembly-line models offered by some manufacturers may fire up well, turn out the well-sauced pizza but fail to ignite the imagination of the party-goers.
Pizza To The People,  CT

Distinguishing a business starts with the appearance of the signature device.

Before jumping on a prefab portable, decide what distinctive look you want your catering business to present.  Culture, cuisine, and pizazz are possible with a bit of imagination.

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