Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outdoor Residential Brick Ovens

Not all homes can accommodate a brick oven in or attached to the building.  Some locations are well suited to an outdoor brick oven.

Incorporating a brick oven into a residential landscape opens up many possibilities for a dynamic interplay between nature and food (crows and skunks excepted).

An ideal situation might be a garden location where the surrounding ornamental plants also serve as spices and garnishes for the foods cooked in the oven.  This is a Mediterranean approach to practical beauty.

The masonry of the landscape can also extend to the oven's exterior.  As a landscape designer and mason I have a litmus test for overall success.  Unless otherwise desired, nothing in the created landscape should shout its presence.  The whole of the landscape should appear as if it existed in one thought.  See:  and for more on my landscape design approach.

Not much here on brick ovens?  This is because the oven design/style/look is an integral part of the whole landscape.  Each home, owner, and lifestyle is a different mix of factors.  It is the reason that I haven't built two identical ovens.

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