Monday, January 9, 2017

Brick Oven Checklist

photo from web sent by potential customer.
It gives us a starting point for design
California TBO oven
For the past three years, my website has contained a button that allows people to fill out a checklist detailing their wished-for brick oven.

Chef David Ross of '50 Local' with TBO portable

What has been interesting is that of the hundred or more times the checklist has been filled out (I respond to all who do), actual contact with the wisher occurs about 8%.

The list is a way for prospective owners of brick ovens to quantify what they are looking for and I suppose it helps them (you) to make choices.

Oven I consulted on in friend's colonial
The fields include: location, purpose, size, foods, and experience.  The field that describes experience ranges from: None, I've Watched, I've used, It's second nature, and I Know More Than You;).

These do help me, whether the contact continues to a conversation or consultation.

Most people choose, "None" or "I've Watched".

Recent TBO 36 in NH
From this I surmise that there may be an experience obstacle to getting their own brick oven.

My website also includes an "Operation Manual" for brick ovens taking the owner from the first firing through temperature and fire management.

Granted, once you have a brick oven, there is a learning curve.  However, it is very steep for most people.  Unless you've never lit a fire with wood or fed a wood fire, you should have the hang of using the brick oven after three firings;  you'll have pizza after the first.

So, whether you get one of my ovens or ANY other oven on the market, this is something you should follow up on for the enjoyment and the quality food that you can make.


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