Friday, January 6, 2017

Brick Oven in Conservatory: Part Three

The base of a brick oven can be seen in two ways.
Arch form and finished top slab
Firstly, it is a lot of concrete product, basic in its structure.
But it is also where the first opportunity for enhancement appears.

arch bricks laid dry on arch form

The brick oven I am building for my home (especially as the midwinter is when I have time for personal projects) is intended to take advantage of every design opportunity.

Concrete will encase arch
This oven has a brick lined woodbox with a barrel arch.  The walls of the woodbox were bricked before the arch went on.  The arch form is one I have used on large oven faces.  I have found that laying brick on the outside of the arch form and then pouring the concrete oven base slab on top cements the bricks in place and creates a strong structure.

The form will remain under the slab until the woodbox face arch is bricked in the next phase.
rebar in place before slab is finished

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