Tuesday, January 10, 2017

True Brick Ovens is Trademarked!

Ten years ago, when I began building custom brick ovens, I didn't consider trademarking my work.  Since then the market has exploded with various kinds of wood-fired ovens making it difficult to distinguish between products and confusing customers as to why prices vary so greatly.

I've attempted on this blog to offer information that would make choosing ANY brick oven on the market based on quality,  performance, and purpose.  I've also offered alternatives to the relatively expensive brick ovens I build and technical tips on how to build one yourself.

So, today my registered trademark has arrived from the United States Patent and Trademark Office declaring that True Brick Ovens is mine.  In the olden days (like medieval Europe) masons didn't sign or claim their work.  Each artisan was valued as an integral part of the community.  There were no labels on food products.  Business signs didn't appear on the road in front of a house under construction.

You knew who could, would or did build something.

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