Monday, January 16, 2017

Brick Oven Planning

Stone building for TBO 54"
As with anything, the bigger the project the greater amount of planning it needs.  Given that a brick oven is a significant project, I most often propose an interval of planning that allows for insights and readjustments. 
Five years ago, I was asked to build a larger bakery oven and the enclosing stone building for Pietree Orchards in Sweden, Maine.  The orchard wanted it to be  up and running for Mother's Day of that year.  Fortunately, the staff at the orchard and a number of local subcontractors were able to do the ground work and initial concrete pour prior to my starting the masonry in Maine.  I generated a CAD design that gave the concrete company dimensions for the slabs and gave me a quantifiable material list.

All this took some planning and the three months leading up to the project start allowed for anticipated space, time, and heating needs.

Details such as the bread rising chambers at both sides were the result of planning.

 The oven and building progressed well and we met the deadline.

Sometimes, insights or additions to the project extend the completion time.  The balance between customer's patience and the quality of the final product is then tested.

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