Thursday, January 26, 2017

Brick Oven Cooking: the first few firings

"Getting ready to smoke the Christmas ham!"  Customer.
Most of the people or restaurants I build brick ovens for dive right into the cooking.
Since brick ovens are extremely versatile cooking 'devices', this includes a lot of food.

Last fall, just before Thanksgiving, I completed most of a brick oven project for a large family.  As the season was getting cold and a slate roof was due to be installed in the next Spring, we left the oven waterproofed and functioning.

The customers went all out to use it since.

This quote from one customer:
"We had turkey cooked in the oven for lunch.  It was hands down, the best turkey I have ever had.  Our dinner guests even asked if they could take some home as it was the best turkey they had ever had.  We are loving the oven!"

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