Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Under Cover Brick Ovens

Stone building by TBO for the 54" oven at Pietree Orchard
Living in New England, I am a proponent of under-cover brick ovens.   The picture we have in our minds of brick ovens is often generated by images from California, where you can live if you have the "dough, ray, me".

Pietree's TBO 54
On the other hand, I find life here in Maine quite sane and sanity in our climate calls for a roof, at least, and some walls, in winter.
The value of a shelter can be estimated by this calculation: ovens I've built under cover get used 30 times more often than ones in backyards.  Just a hint...
clay oven in Costa Rica sheltered from rain

Community oven in Audrix, France
Audrix timber shelter

Family TBO 36 in West Virginia

TBO 48" Restaurant oven in Naples Maine

Bread baker's oven in NH

TBO 36 Private oven in greenhouse

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