Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Maine Home Remodeling and Garden Show

In a less than two weeks I will bring my display materials to the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine for a public trade show.

In addition to meeting lots of people, talking about- duh -Brick Ovens, I will be giving a visual talk on landscape design (the core of my stone work and design life) on Saturday, February 16th.

1:15 - 2:00      Finding Paradise: Creating Landscapes that Transcend Time
In this visual presentation, David Neufeld illustrates how an understanding of the symbolic power of objects and the organization of outdoor space can take an ordinary yard and transform it into a place apart from the time-centered world. With David’s visual arts and storytelling background, this will be a lively, thoughtful and humorous presentation.
Presented by: David Neufeld, North Star Stoneworks, Sweden, ME

Fire pit and surrounding 'stone island'
by North Star Stoneworks
I've been a landscape designer for many years and have hundreds of projects under my belt (or in the case of taller walls, trees, and mammoth shrubs, over my belt too.) northstarstoneworks.com

 A few years ago, I hauled my portable brick oven down to Portland and with the help of some fork-lift wizards managed to get it situated inside the building.  Even without a fire inside, it made a dramatic backdrop for my display.
Portable Brick Oven by TBO

However, since then I have gone truly portable.  I bring plenty of light-weight visual aids without the challenge of weight and maneuverability.  
I'll also have my website and this blog running at my booth: #503


Click on the above website for all the show details.

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