Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pietree Orchard Brick Oven

Work has already begun on a large commercial brick oven for Pietree Orchard in Sweden, Maine.
The base and building in which the oven will be constructed and sheltered is preparing for an early March (enclosed) start of masonry work.

Last fall, I designed the general shape of this 54" interior diameter brick oven that will have a double-thick floor (4.5") and a large mass dome (9").  This will allow a very long bake cycle suited to high-production of pizzas, breads, and any other product.  With sufficient insulation, the oven may not cool down from the beginning of the baking season to the end.

The face and mouth of this oven is more closely aligned with the original bakery ovens in Pompeii, Italy than 'straight-mouth' designs found elsewhere.  The re-evolution of this design resulted from my desire to provide maximum access to all areas of the oven's interior.

Pietree Orchard is up the hill from my place in Maine and has grown from an apples-only orchard to a grower of all kinds of fruit and food.  The addition of a bakery will add to the destination appeal that already exists.

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