Monday, February 18, 2013

Living the Dream

I spoke with a lot of people at the Maine Home and Remodeling Show in Portland, Maine this past weekend.

TBO oven for Pizza Pie On The Fly Co.
It appears that for many of them, a wood-fired brick oven is a dream.  Some spoke of imminent plans for incorporating one in their remodel or new home environment.  Others saw one sometime in the future.  Still others had it as a 'dream'.  And a few wanted to build one themselves.

All of the above are legitimate directions.  I began this blog (and this business of building custom brick ovens) because I heard my friends dreaming about having a brick oven.  Having already had the skills, equipment, and materials at hand, it was a reasonable leap for me to build one for myself.

Built by blog follower
Since then, this blog has served to provide information about brick oven construction and use for those who dream or act on having one.  I welcome (as I did at the show) emails with questions for those wanting to have one, use one, or build one.

It's hard to say how many other vendors have people come up to them and associate their product with family history or childhood memories, but it happens every time I show.  People from Quebec, Italy, central America, remember their grandparents cooking in these ovens.  Others have memories of traveling to places where brick ovens are common.

My first and faithful brick oven
Bravo for memories. 
My experience with my oven has shown me that having a brick oven lets me and my friends and family create memories that the next generation will hold into the future.

I will be at the Seacoast Home and Garden Show in Durham, NH on the 23&24 of March.  I look forward to meeting more of you.
And again at the Northern New England Home and Garden Show in Fryeburg, Maine in May.

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