Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Year Later

Writing posts for this blog has kept the writer part of me plenty active for the past two years.  A year ago, the blog hit the 10K mark and I thought that was pretty good for a specific topic such as this.

Today, the blog has over 40K visits, not spectacular, but satisfying.  So I keep on blogging.
Far and away, the most popular posts (over a thousand visits each) have to do with building brick ovens and I hope that many ovens have benefited from the information posted here.

Also today, I have had a total of perhaps six comments, and one email with photos of the oven the person built.  The 40K means there is interest and my work as a mason is brisk. 

Annually, I will note the visit count and invite brick oven builders to correspond with me.  Learning about brick oven building and use is a two-way street, or can be.

In the meantime, the photos above show Jason Simmons, the expert welder I depend on for doors and other hardware related to custom ovens and others (Rick Frisch and Tim in Missouri) who have contributed to my knowledge base.

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