Saturday, February 16, 2013

Adapting Brick Ovens to Locations

Mass produced cast-refractory brick ovens, ready to go when the truck drops it at your place, can't account for individual style and needs.

The first step I take in planning an oven is visiting the location where it will be used and meeting with the people who will use it.

From there, the possibilities both narrow and multiply.  As we draw a sharper picture of the future oven, we also explore the technical challenges.
The location of the oven in the home or landscape needs to be both ergonomically logical (near the living/eating/entertaining area) and pleasing to the look of the space.  People usually know when we've found this spot.

Technical challenges are tackled one-by-one since each aspect calls for some thought, research, and experience base.

As all of this progresses we keep in mind the look of the project, how it will become part of the larger experience of living.  As I spoke to a number of people at the Maine Home and Remodeling Show this Saturday (today) I found that each of them had a unique location or home.  I could not imagine them wanting to pop in an oven that looked like a million others.

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