Sunday, February 3, 2013

Down Under the Brick Oven

Beneath this pile of rubble (which is beneath the floor of an 18th century farmstead in Maine) is a massive 'arch' designed to support fireplaces, a colonial brick oven, a rendering kettle, and other fire-driven tools of yesteryear.

 Close examination of the granite in the cellar (10' x 11') shows that the side pieces were  cut from the same outcrop and then put back together.
 The roof is made up of multiple slabs leveled as-needed with small stones.  The base is set off the hard-pan dirt floor on flat chunks of rock. 

This house, continuously lived in by the same family since the late 1700's has three such granite arches, each based on the same principle:  Once the stones are in place and the house is built around and above them, they WILL NOT move.

I will be building a small brick oven in the original kitchen using salvaged brick from the farm.

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