Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Brick Oven Dimensions

Once the conversation with new customers approaches the planning stages, the subject of oven dimensions becomes central.  This is due to space restrictions or location choices.  Fortunately, dimensions, although they vary, can be very specific yet somewhat flexible.
Most outdoor installations focus on exterior design, which includes enclosure shape and roof design.  Indoor installations need to conform to local codes, means of routing the flue, the available space in the house, and adjacent room elements.  In many indoor installations, the volume of the oven is placed behind the wall of the room, either on its own foundation or in a space that can afford to be occupied.  Nearly every situation has its solution.

The evolution of each customer's design is a conversation involving these type sketches and more real-time visual examples of the kinds of materials, textures, and shapes the final oven will possess.
Exchanges with customer's architects and perhaps engineers may enter the process.  I supply spec sheets on all materials so that the ovens comply with local codes.
Compare these to the Brick Oven Face post.

The following CAD designs will illustrate the dimensional aspects.  Examples represent different past TBO projects.

indoor residential TBO 36"plan
TBO 54" Commercial: Face on public side, back in prep kitchen
Outdoor TBO 48"
Outdoor TBO 48" 'Greek' style

TBO 48" restaurant, designed to building specs

Indoor design

Indoor design

Off-deck TBO 36 design

TBO 36 Indoor high ceiling design

TBO 36 Terrace corner design

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