Thursday, January 18, 2018

Brick Oven Faces

Building custom brick ovens offers the opportunity to design the exterior of the oven to the tastes of the owners.  This means variety.  Although some of the ovens I've built have similar face arches, I've played with the central theme.  Others are one-of-a-kind 'inspired' designs.  Either way, the face speaks to the owner and frames the fire.
2000 year-old oven in Pompeii, Italy

TBO 54" at Pietree Orchard in Maine

TBO 36" Ventura CA
TBO 36" NH

TBO 48" Maine
Some of the designs originate with a cultural context.  Some originate from the qualities of the materials. And others are a direct result of the customers wishes.
Original TBO 36" Portable
TBO 48" portable CT
TBO 36" Art Deco

TBO 36" in colonial

TBO 48" in Restaurant

TBO 36" outdoor NH

TBO 36" MA

TBO 54" Dining Facility

TBO 48" Baker's Oven

TBO 36" in my house

TBO 36" Maine

TBO 48" MA

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