Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Brick Ovens in Horse Trailers

Welded base for oven structure
It may be fair to say that True Brick Ovens' David Neufeld was the first brick oven builder to use horse trailers as the enclosure and transport for portable ovens.

Why are horse trailers so well-adapted to brick ovens?
  • Horse trailers have double axles mounted close to the rear of the trailer.
  • They have a rear door or ramp so that the face of the oven is fully accessible.
  • They have good shocks, for the horses and then for the ovens.
  • They have two access doors forward useful for storing baking gear.
  • They provide a surprise when opened.

Owens Farmhouse TBO 48 oven ready for delivery

TBO Audrix demonstrated at Home and Garden show
Owens Farmhouse oven in use.
The TBO 45 Audrix model
All TBO ovens are from custom-cut bricks

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