Monday, April 2, 2012

Brick Oven Inservice

I include an inservice visit with most of my brick oven installations.  This insures that the first major event with the oven is done with the maximum safety, care, and enjoyment
I enjoy them.  This is the moment when I and my customers experience the full meaning of the project we have collaborated on.
I can also show them some 'tricks': management of the fire, testing of dome temperature, timing and introduction of the dough as pizza or bread, and stoking of the live fire once the pizza is in.

I go away knowing that the oven will be a smooth part of their cooking life.  I also go away having helped to bake fabulous food... and eat some of it.
For experienced bakers, the inservice gives me a chance to see how they use the oven and I learn from them.

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