Thursday, April 12, 2012

Factory Brick Ovens

Whenever a traditional practice gains enough popularity, a factory is built to mass-produce the commodity.  This drives down the price and drives down the quality.  I'm wearing clothing from that result.  Much of the food we eat is grown on mega-farms.
But as a mason, the adjacent photo puts me off.  Even among masons, many buy and install cast-refractory inserts for ovens and fireplaces, so that they can increase their production-speed.  Volume wins over quality.
Are we meant to use only factory-made products?
We travel to other, often older, cultures to see the 'real thing'.  We occasionally purchase an original work of craftsmanship.  The slow-food movement is a re-imagining of our relationship to the food we eat.

A hand-crafted brick oven will not only last for generations, but give your family an experience of tradition.
True Brick Ovens builds mason-crafted brick ovens throughout the Northeast US.  We love what we do.

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