Friday, April 13, 2012

Invitational Brick Oven Seminar

True Brick Ovens’ David Neufeld invites attendees of the 2012 Northern New England Home and Garden Show to experience brick oven baking first-hand.
The First Invitational Brick Oven Baking Seminar will take place each of the three days (May 18, 19, 20) at 2pm in front of Expo One at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds in Fryeburg, Maine.
In order to participate, you are asked to sign up via the True Brick Ovens website:  A maximum of ten participating bakers (that may include you) may then bring loaves, risen dough, or pies to place in the pre-heated brick oven on site.  You may then take home your product, gobble it up immediately, or share it with other bakers in the daily session (or all of the above).
I'm an advocate of community brick ovens and through these invitational events, I hope to get communities, neighbors, and friends to 'go in' together on brick ovens so that they can experience the social aspect of baking.

What it would be like if you gathered with fellow bakers once a week and went home with fresh baked goods?
Arrive with six loaves of your bread and go home with some of others' bread or a pie and a stack of pitas.
Add this to a farmer's market and, except for the clothing styles, the bad hygiene, and the plague, it would be just like medieval times.

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