Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brick Oven Slaves

3712 years ago the Greeks had portable ovens, presumably so that the rulers could have fresh baked bread on their Mediterranean cruises (You thought Club Med was original).
These were very likely shlepped around by slaves (possibly my ancestors).
Nevertheless, it was a good idea.  It still is.
A portable oven provides flexibility of location that even a lowly middle-class person would enjoy.
Whereas wealthy people wouldn't think of towing a small oven to a friend's house for a party, we could (and I do) easily bring my oven to places near and far for the joy of cooking ensemble.
Surely, I am not a slave to the oven; it however is my servant. 
I recently gave my portable oven an upgrade, adding a faux-slate roof and a limed oak trim board.

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