Saturday, April 7, 2012

Indoor Brick Oven Finish

Brick ovens that are part of an everyday kitchen get used a lot.
This oven, a project that was coordinated with the complete gutting and renovation of a kitchen, has actually permitted the family to cook for weeks while the high-end gas range that failed following installation is replaced.
Sometimes the 'old way' is the most reliable. One beautiful firing and three days of cooking.

oven prior to enclosure
A year later (December 2012) I have built more indoor brick ovens.  The two pictured show that one required the 'bump-out' or exterior placement of the mass of the oven and the other accommodated for the entire oven within the living space.

In all cases it allowed far more frequency of use than an outdoor oven in New England would normally permit.

Exactly one year ago I posted the above.  Today I added 'Brick Oven Elegance' showing another completed indoor brick oven.  I continue to encourage people in climates where rain, snow, bugs, and...let see... and drones may inhibit the use of an outdoor brick oven to consider the sheltered or indoor brick oven option.

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