Monday, April 9, 2012

Brick Oven Mosaics

There are many ways to individualize a brick oven. We each have an image of the brick oven of our dreams: Some of stone, some red brick, some stucco.  Each may be connected to places we have visited or the first brick oven we 'met'.
Then there is the 'artistic' additions that match our personality, business image, or some trace medium that we want to splice onto our oven.
Occasionally, I've offered to create frescoes on the stucco of the ovens I build (I have a sculpture/painting background).
This oven, a dome which I built for a chef and caterer, has been enhanced and made personal by the pebble, sea glass, and mirror mosaic on the band of stucco over the dome. Mosaics have been used on some of the most splendid brick ovens all over Europe (and then in the US).
The arch and keystone details were my concept and were designed with the customer's input and approval.

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