Monday, April 23, 2012

Brick Oven Specs #3

angled mouth with door stops
I have been able to add one significant change to the design of modern brick ovens. 
In many of the modern brick ovens, the throat and flue sit above a deep recess between the face of the oven and the mouth.  This prevents both a sight-line and working access to the front edges of the dome's interior.
large shelf area
By angling this space at about 30 degrees (making the face arch of the oven about 1.8 times wider than the mouth) the baker has perfect access to all of the interior without changing the needed proportion of the mouth.
angle-iron chimney supports
 This complicates the geometry of the mouth when forming double arches with brick, but once accomplished the cuts are repeatable or, on one-offs, done with.

a bit of tricky geometry
Please note that this is not entirely original as both the old French ovens and the ancient Pompeii bakeries had very large openings in front of the mouth which served to provide ample access.  It also gives a much larger shelf space in front of the oven when handling baked products.
The illustrated methods here are suited for ovens that are smaller and self-contained.


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