Saturday, December 3, 2016

Brick Oven Doors

TBO Standard steel door set on thin brick as draft control
The design of TBO ovens has evolved over the years; the face is wider than the mouth, combustion air channels are built in when an oven is built indoors, and the oven door is ergonomically easier to handle.

Beautiful but heavy door, great hinge

Pietree Orchard's TBO 54" with two doors

TBO 48" baker's oven
Custom door

The goal is to keep it all simple.  The traditional ovens were devices that depended on little more than the experience of the baker and a supply of wood (or trimmings from grape vines in some places).
2 meter diameter oven in Audrix France
custom insulating door

So with the door.

Commercially produced oven doors supplied with kits often are too thin or are hinged.  Being able to remove the door from the mouth of the oven during 'live fire' cooking is important.  So is the two-handled door.  A third advantage lies in the use of the door as a damper, controlling the air in and out of the oven.

For bakers looking to conserve the oven temperatures over long periods of time, an insulated door is possible.

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