Monday, December 5, 2016

Brick Oven IN Conservatory Design

The design for the brick oven I am about to build in the sunspace or conservatory of my house intends to incorporate ideas I've been collecting for many years.

In addition to the 36" interior diameter dome, a size perfect for residential use, I had wanted to add a masonry heater.  Many people for whom I build brick ovens have asked if the oven could be used as a heat source.  I inform them that brick ovens are intended to keep IN, rather than let it warm the exterior of the masonry enclosure.  Masonry heaters are the opposite, linking the heated interior of the masonry to the exterior masonry in a way that transfers heat to the room.  Extra mass prolongs this effect.

As I laid out the plan for this oven, I found that there would be a space for a narrow but tall masonry heater.  This could be used in cooler or cold weather.  It would have baffles directing the flue heat back and forth until it exited into the chimney.

Directing the flue of the brick oven into the upper-most chamber would combine the exit for both at the same location.

The space beneath the oven mouth is the woodbox.  The small square opening at the back left is the firebox door for the masonry heater and the arched shape above the mantlepiece rim (there is another on the opposite side) is for dome inspection and to allow masonry heater warm out during operation.  Lastly, the chimney (already built) is at back to the right.

Customers with who I work get CAD designs as shown above before work begins.  Then we consult each other as the work progresses to affect the best outcome.  We often find details that harmonize with the on-the-site surroundings which we can incorporate more realistically once the oven is in progress.  It's called creative flexibility.

Final decisions as to exterior finish of my oven is ahead.  Possible choices from the past are shown here:

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