Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Angel in the Details

An eye on the overall project is essential to brick oven building.  However, the details are what allow a custom brick oven to integrate into the owner's life.  Details, sometimes lightly defined at the start of the project, come into focus as the exterior is in process.  I have made a commitment, written into my contracts, to pay attention to aesthetic opportunities as they arrive.  It reads, "if TBO sees aesthetic improvements that do not significantly increase the labor or cost of the project, they will, upon approval of the owner, be done without additional cost."
The results have been remarkable and as individual as my customers.
Ocean-rounded stone on as the keystone on a TBO 36" in CA

An elongated dome in Missouri

Art-Deco stonework in a loft

Iron Coat and hat hooks used as door handles
Custom Ash drawer for TBO Greenhouse oven 2016

The community oven in Audrix France that inspired some designs of mine

An Irish Limestone keystone for an Irish customer

Decorative bricks and custom cut granite spacers on a TBO bakery oven face arch

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