Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wild Hive Farm

Five years ago I met Don Lewis of Wild Hive Farm in the Hudson Valley town of Clinton Corners.

He was an exuberant proponent of sustainable and heritage grains.  We've talked over the years about the struggles and hopes of locally grown and made food, especially grains and bread.

Both of us got into a business when interest was restricted to a niche group of consumers.  We hoped that would expand.  It has.

Don is one of the primary suppliers to the Eataly marketplace/restaurant company.  His knowledge (I know about his ability to taste flour and identify its constituent types of wheat and protein levels!)  His mill in Clinton Corners, New York is designed to mill grains without overheating them (which is what high-speed milling does).

Good to see his picture and credit in Eataly Boston.

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