Monday, December 12, 2016

Brick Oven Entertainment

TBO oven in Ventura CA

Entertaining is easy with a brick oven.  Once you light the fire, the oven becomes the center of attention (okay, there's also wine and the stand-up comic guest).

TBO Tuscan Room
 Early in my work as a builder, I was asked to build an entire Tuscan room.  It came to be called, "The smallest restaurant in the world."

Since then, I've built ovens in big places, in home kitchens, outdoors, and restaurants and each one has added an entertainment factor to the owners' lives.
TBO 54" at Brewster Academy, NH
Professional chefs have fun too

It may be wondered whether this device is capable of doing all the entertaining, in the event that the host or hosts are shy people; the answer is YES.  An entirely silent host need only be good at managing the fire and cooking (twirling the pizza peel is a bonus) and he or she will gather a crowd.  Furthermore, the knowledge that your guests may make and cook their own pizzas removes any pressure from you the host.
TBO 48" portable as mobile entertainment

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