Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brick Oven in Conservatory: part two

Now that winter has truly arrived (snow not date) and the days are wicked short, I have moved to indoor work.  The slab for my own oven was poured last week and today I set the blocks that will support the slab that the oven sits on (after insulating).
lines for oven and masonry heater scribed onto base slab

Block set (unmortared) to support oven slab

The base slab is also the place where any final calculations/measurements are scribed out, allowing for a better informed build on the upper slab later.  This oven, having a masonry heating chamber in back needed some careful laying out as the whole needs to accommodate two functions.

All of the cores now open will be filled with concrete, adding to the mass and rebar will be inserted in every other core.  Then forms will be built in which the top slab is poured level.  Starting out level helps a lot.

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