Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wood-fired oven at Chapelle Ste. Agnes Vineyard

On June 10th I drove up to Sutton, Quebec, Canada to help John Antony and Karena Meyer fire up their German-made wood-fired oven for an event they had planned for the next day. Chapelle St. Agnes Vineyard is their life work and I had enjoyed a visit back in January when the vineyard was buried in snow.
Although the weather didn't cooperate as planned (rain), the oven fired up well for bread sticks and loaves of bread. Later when it came time for pizza, I chose to bake them in the firebox as a 'white oven' (an oven where the fire is in a separate firebox beneath the bake oven) doesn't provide the flame over the pizza that gives wood-fired pizza its distinctive flavor and crust.
Everyone pitched in and we made over 100 delicious pizzas. Local desserts and wine was enjoyed by all.

The vineyard was spectacular, the guests charming, and as always John and Karena let us into the working of their remarkable venture of producing award-winning ice wine.

Check their website at:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portable True Brick Ovens

The requirements of portable brick ovens are specific. They need to be structurally strong, contain enough mass for constant output of baked product yet within reasonable weight limits for common vehicles.
These photos are of  two portable real brick ovens, one 42" interior diameter and one 48" interior diameter.
Both ovens require V-8 vehicles for towing but both are on trailers with electric brakes.

My original portable oven (at left) used for the "Meet the Chefs event"  at the Northern New England Home and Garden Show along with green and stone benches I installed

More photos will follow as the 48" oven is finished with a veneer of brick and stone.