Sunday, November 19, 2017

Brick Oven and Sauna Building

This project began in the design stages.  Originally sited off of one end of a deck, it evolved into an opportunity to get a "two-for-one".
The deck is at the 8' level, where the base of the oven needed to be.  A structure was needed to get the base up to 8'.  This became the room and the reason for the sauna.

To clear things up early, the sauna does not share a heat source or any infrastructure with the brick oven other than the walls that support the oven structure.

The following photos may help illustrate how this works:

In addition to the detailing of the stone, a slate roof finishes the exterior and the 'apron' pent-roof sheds rain away from the base of the oven.

The installation of the sauna apparatus is yet to others.