Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Italian Bread Workshop

I have often had the pleasure of collaborating with Sandy and Michael Jubinsky to demonstrate brick oven baking at events.
The Maestro

It was enlightening to attend their Italian Bread Workshop at their Stone Turtle Baking School in Lyman, Maine.  www.stoneturtlebaking.com

Measuring ingredients
In addition to the precision that Michael brings to the craft of bread baking, he is both entertaining and informative.  My wife attended the workshop while I photographed it and since then we have been enjoying REALLY great bread.

Here are some captioned photos:

Participants were led through every step with the reasons for the technique described.  Unlike much of the off-the-cuff bread some of us have made (not naming anyone:), Michael stresses measuring every ingredient by weight.
Stretching (instead of kneading) the dough

shaping the dough

scoring the loaf

Great Bread