Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brick Oven Builders

Oven in Audrix, France
My portable 'Audrix' oven
Recent visits to this blog indicate that either a lot of people are building brick ovens using information found here OR one person is checking the specs often:)
In either case, congratulations and thank you.

If you are visiting my site and building your first oven, I invite you to send photos of the project.  It not only gives me a sense that the info was valuable, but at times, I see improvements you have made.
If you are a professional mason using this info, let me know.
I can't build every oven that people want and the knowledge we share will improve all ovens built.

In posting detailed methods for building brick ovens (with refinements developed by me over the past years) I hope to give owner-builders of brick ovens an experience of success.

In some cases, I have assisted homeowners to build their ovens, giving them expert coaching so that they save time and produce a professional product.

I have also offered combined builds and workshops for brick oven building, bringing my portable oven to the site so that brick oven firing and cooking can happen simultaneously to the build.

David Neufeld
True Brick Ovens