Friday, October 25, 2013

West Virgina Brick Oven

Day one, early, block insulation
I recently drove down to Morgantown, West Virginia with a van load of custom-cut brick oven brick and materials.  I sometimes wonder why I go far from home to build either an entire oven or just the oven core.  The answer is: I enjoy meeting the masons who I work with in these other parts of the country.  The crew in West Virginia were great.

Checking for round and cleaning as we go
Since the majority of masons who have requests to build brick ovens purchase cast refractory kits that give them the core, it surprised, (and intrigued) my colleagues to see how one goes together with custom-cut bricks and some tricks of mortaring and forming.
mouth arch
Three days after unloading the materials, the four of us had a 40" interior oven built and ready for the stone and brick exterior.
Jay pulling the arch form
When we finished we shook dusty hands (no secret mason's shake) and each of us prepared for the next project.  Thanks to Willie A. and J. Jenning's crew.

ready for keystones

cross type keystone