Thursday, November 19, 2015

Portable Wood-fired Brick Ovens

The big advantage of a portable oven is its mobility.  Yes, you can take it with you.  They are perfect for caterers, event venues, and nomads.

The challenge is keeping their weight within the boundaries of a vehicle's towing ability.   This is done with high-tech insulation, the right trailer, and engineering expertise.

Shown here are a few that I've built.  Since companies and chefs seek to distinguish their business, my ability to build a custom oven with an individual look will, from a PR standpoint, as well as its function as an oven, out-perform commercially manufactured portable ovens.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brick Ovens and Slate Roofs

There is something complete when I build a brick oven outdoors and give it a slate roof.  The oven which takes the traditional interior of fire brick, finished with real stone walls, and with the slate roof becomes part of the thousand year family of ovens built in North America and Europe.

The Shelburne oven, completed by August of last summer, also includes a limestone surfaced work area.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

50 Local's Portable Oven

A few years ago I built a portable oven in a horse trailer and designed it in the style of brick ovens I saw in France.  I bring it to Home shows and many chefs have cooked their specialties in it.

A couple of months ago, chef David Ross, of 50 Local in Kennebunk asked me to build him one.  As with all my ovens, I look for improvements in design, and always look to make them beautiful.

Here are recent photos by:

Myriam Babin Photography
mobile: 917 488 7198

New York Kitchen blog

Thanks to her and to David Ross.