Sunday, April 23, 2017

Northern New England Home, Garden and Flower Show

For the previous 13 years I have exhibited at the Northern New England Home, Garden and Flower Show at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds in Maine.  
For ten of those I have brought my portable brick oven for use by numerous chefs at the Meet the Chefs pavilion.  

Working with regional chefs has been great fun.  My part of those demonstrations was preparing the oven for the temperatures the chefs needed.  Between their demonstrations and for the entire weekend, I cooked food in the oven and gave out samples of bread, pizza, broiled vegetables and more.

I will not be there this year.  The work of building ovens has increased and I'm out on projects often now.  I've built ovens in nine states, traveling as far as North Carolina and California.

My portable ovens are now in residence at Sheehan Gardens in Milton NH and at the NH Mushroom
Company where it is used each weekend through the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

I'd like to thank all the chefs who collaborated with me, the owners of Fiore Olive Oil, NH Mushroom Company, White Gates Farm, Cabot Creamery, and many more with whom I have a continuing friendship.

I'd also thank Karla Ficker for creating the show, facilitating the events and the staff for the years that I've been part of the growing show.

Best of Luck